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Adult Webmasters - Make Extra Money From Your Web Site By Partnering As An Affiliate With Eden Fantasys Selling High Quality Adult Sex Aids, Sex Toys And Adult DVDs

Do you run a blog aimed at adults? Or do you have an adult themed web site? Do you want to operate your own online sex store selling high quality sex aids, sex toys, books and DVDs to liberated adults? Do you want to do all this without the hassle of complicated programming, holding stocks, sending out goods and collecting money from customers? It's easy! Eden Fantasys will set up your online store, located on your own web domain. You can customize your product selection, the store branding, and product presentations. This is a great way to keep your visitors on your site longer and offer them shopping opportunities. Get paid at least 20% commissions for every sale. As you build up visitor loyalty, this commission can add up to a lot of money!

Eden Fantasys Mission Statement: Eden Fantasys invites you to learn from others, share your experiences and re-discover the joys of solo and mutual sex. Eden Fantasys offers ethical adult online shopping you can trust, a welcoming community and a wealth of inspiring sexual resources.

At Eden Fantasys visitors will find a wide selection of products, including sex toys, books and other products that have been chosen to appeal to people of all genders, ages and orientations. If you are gay, straight or bisexual; male, female or transgender; twenty, forty or ninety; and anywhere in between.

Eden Fantasys acknowledge the widely divergent needs of the people we serve. Whether you're looking for your first toy or your twentieth, something vanilla or kinky, a product large or small, we've got choices for you. It's easy for you to find what you need. Eden Fantasys advanced search functions let you sort products by function, size, price, texture, material, color and even power source. When you find a product you're interested in, look at it from several different views, including as a 1:1 actual size image. Find several products and use our unique "compare" function to see how they stack up against each other. We'll even tell you if there are similar products made from better materials. Add or remove choices easily to your shopping cart with one click or put them on your wish list for later purchase.

Adult Community Building With The Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program

We would like to invite you to be an affiliate and earn money through our Affiliate program. We designed the Eden Affiliate Programs with the goal of building a community of people who like EdenFantasys. We need your support, knowledge, and contributions to match our resources, ideas, and skills. We believe that together we can create a tasteful, convenient, and exciting place to visit and be part of online.

Developing anything worthwhile requires effort, devotion, and hard work. Everyone has to work hard for a living and we want to offer you the chance to make a large profit simply and quickly. However, this all depends on how much time and effort you can spare. If you are interested please read further, all the benefits are described in detail. The following rules are fair and honest, just like the Partners are to each other.

What is the Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program?

The Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program is unique in the way it is designed for use on blogs, online profiles, CMS web sites, and other social networks. All 3 variations of the Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program get activated with the same Affiliate Code you receive in the Quick Start registration.

The Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program is intended for anyone 21 years or older to participate. You don't need to be an HTML guru, and there are no investments or special skills required. All requirements are reduced to the absolute minimum.

There are two easy ways to start – Online Affiliate and Partner Flyer. When you sign up, both programs will be activated and you can use one or both, it's your choice.

What is the Eden Fantasys Online Affiliate Program?

Whether you have a web site, blog, or just a profile on LiveJournal, or any other community site, Eden Fantasys Online Affiliate is for you. With a one-step Quick Start registration process you will get a Partner Code that allows you to grab any content from a product page on EdenFantasys.com.

Then you organize it to your liking, create a static or dynamic Flash Widget and post it on your site, blog, or profile. You will earn a 20% commission on every sale generated by a visitor who clicked through the Eden Fantasys Widget.

What is the Friends of Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program?

When you sign up your friends for the Friends of Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program you will receive an additional 3% on every sale they generate. Just tell them to use your Affiliate Code when they sign up for the Affiliate Programs and we will automatically put them into your Friends of Affiliate Program.

What is the Eden Fantasys Offline Affiliate Program?

The Eden Fantasys Offline Affiliate Program is for people who like parties and meet a lot of friends in person. Order a free offline flyer book from us, generate a simple Affiliate Code with one-step Quick Start registration, write the code on every flyer and give it away generously.

Every Eden Fantasys flyer grants its holder a 15% discount on any selection from EdenFantasys.com and more importantly, you get a 5% commission too! You can then apply that credit toward your next purchase, receive a check or a PayPal transfer - the choice is yours.

When you run out of flyers just reorder more for free. You can also give away your Affiliate Code by sending it via email, posting it on your blog, or simply telling someone - you are not limited in the number of code uses or the way it's distributed; just make sure that people use it on EdenFantasys.com during checkout.

Eden Fantasys Affiliate Reporting

Your Eden Fantasys Affiliate User Account has all the information and reports needed to navigate the program, including; Traffic Report, Orders Report, Commission Report, Problem Order Report, Friends of Affiliate Report, Payment History Report, and Aggregate Main Report. Browsing through all of them shows you essential indicators such as how many clicks your postings receive, how much business is generated, commission amount you have earned, and when payout is scheduled.

Eden Fantasys Affiliate Programs User Account

Your partner account on EdenFantasys.com is combined with your shopping account, so don't be confused. The left part of the screen is about your shopping and the right side is about the Eden Affiliate Programs. You manage the Eden Affiliate Programs through this account.

Friends of Eden Fantasys Affiliate user account

Friends of Affiliate program menu gives you instructions on how to invite a friend to the Eden Friends of Affiliate Program. If the invitation is accepted, you will earn an additional 3% commission on every sale the friend generates through the Online Affiliate Program. The Friends of Affiliate Report shows you which invitations were accepted and how much business every friend has generated for you.

How do I get paid my commission earnings from my Eden Fantasys Affiliate Account?

You can withdraw commissions from your partner account or apply them toward a purchase on EdenFantasys.com. To request payments in cash you have to fill out a complete registration form in order to claim the proceeds. Please provide us with accurate, complete, and updated information. Please note, that you can withdraw only commissions due for the Closed Period.

I want to place an order with Eden Fantasys and pay with my commission earnings. How can I do this?

You can redeem your Eden Affiliate Program earned affiliate commission by using it towards any purchase on Edenfantasys.com. To redeem your commission, please log in to your EPP account upon checkout. Next, add the desired products to your shopping cart and follow the normal checkout process. On the credit card payment screen you will be offered a choice between payment with a credit card or redeeming your commission. If you choose to redeem your commission, hit the "redeem" button. The commission will then be applied to your entire order. If the amount of your commission is less than the order total, you will be asked to fill in a credit card payment form to cover remaining balance. In this case, your earned commission becomes $0. If your total earned commission amount is greater than the order total, then the order will be covered in full. Your remaining earned commission will be paid via your chosen payment method.

There are differences between US domestic and international withdrawal procedures. There is also a limit on minimum commissions that can be claimed for withdrawal. If you do not meet the minimum balance necessary to receive a payment, your balance will be carried forward to the next month, and so forth until you reach the minimum balance necessary or until you close your partner account.

US Domestic Recipients: You can claim commissions if they exceed $50 total threshold. At the end of every month we calculate the commissions earned and remit the payment to you by check or through PayPal. Make sure to indicate your preferred method of payment on complete registration form. During the registration you will be asked to fill out a W-9 Form.

International Recipients: You can claim commissions if they exceed $50 total threshold. At the end of every month we calculate the commissions earned and remit the payment to you. You have the choice between a U.S. drawn bank check or wire transfer. The wire transfer will cost $15 which will be deducted from your commissions. The check and postage for USPS Priority mail to your address is free.

Commissions Calculations: The base for commission calculation is Net Sales generated through your Eden Affiliate Programs. Net Sales is the total order amount not including shipping charges and taxes. Commissions are paidout monthly for the Closed Period.

Closed Period: The closed period is a calendar month when the commissions are calculated and finalized. After an order is placed, we allow another term Cooling-Off Period during which the orders can be claimed as Problem Order and therefore excluded from the commissions. For example, on September 30, 2010 we closed August 2010, and no problem order placed in August 2010 and reported after September 30, 2010 will change the August 2006 calculations.

Cooling Off Period: The period from order placement to the end of the next calendar month, during which the order can be claimed as a Problem Order and excluded from the commissions. The duration of the cooling-off period may vary. For example, if the order was placed on the 1st of August 2010, you will get your commissions on the 1st of October 2010 (the Cooling-Off Period is 60 days). If the order was placed on the 31st of August you will also get your commissions on the same 1st of October 2010; the Cooling-Off Period being 30 days.

Current Period: The Current Period is a period of time between the last Closed Period and the present day. All reports show data for the Current Period unless a custom reporting period is specified.

Problem Order: The problem order is the order which was returned per customer request and was refunded. The Net Sales amount of these orders is not taken into consideration for Commissions Calculations. Orders that were returned for exchange are eligible for commissions.
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